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Turn me on (v.2)




60 W x 60 H x 1.5 D cm


Acrylic, thread and half wooden ball on Persian rug



„Turn me on“ is a provocative and culturally charged artwork that challenges traditional norms and societal expectations. The canvas for this daring piece is a Persian rug, a symbolic choice that intertwines the contemporary with the ancient, rebellion with tradition.
Painted by hand, the artwork features a nude male figure, his identity obscured by a lampshade covering his face. The deliberate concealment of the individual's identity prompts contemplation on the secrecy and suppression of desires within a conservative cultural context. The use of nudity in this composition deliberately transcends societal taboos, breaking free from the constraints of modesty prevalent my upbringing in Iran.
The Persian rug, a treasured relic with a rich history, acts as a canvas that absorbs and reflects the tension between modernity and tradition, as well as the clash between personal freedom and cultural constraints.
The lampshade, serving as both a concealer and a source of illumination, symbolizes the duality of the subject's hidden desires and the potential for enlightenment and acceptance. The play of light and shadow on the rug further accentuates the thematic contrasts, creating an atmosphere of mystery and contemplation.
This work is a deliberate departure from the conventional, pushing boundaries and sparking conversations about the unspoken and the forbidden. Through this controversial piece, the artist challenges the viewer to question cultural norms, societal expectations, and the suppression of personal expression within the rich tapestry of tradition.

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