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„Embracing change, honoring tradition“




ca. 30 W x 30 H x 5 D cm


Acrylic on wood on Carpet



This is a series of seven artworks that blend contemporary expression with the cultural tapestry of Persian heritage. Each piece is crafted on a small, vintage Persian/Oriental handwoven carpet, which I bought from a 90-year-old German artist in Berlin Wilmersdorf.

I chose these carpets by affixing them to canvas frames, topped with a wooden panel that becomes the canvas for my exploration of change, tradition, and the intersection of diverse cultures. Departing from my usual figurative style, I embrace abstraction to convey a profound narrative.

At the heart of each composition lies a torn piece of paper, painted in acrylic paint with delicate accents of color pencil—a nod to my childhood medium. This torn paper symbolizes the inevitability of change and the fragmented nature of life's journey. The torn paper on the aged carpet signifies a harmonious coexistence of tradition and transformation.
The series is a personal reflection on my journey of living in Germany for over a decade while maintaining a connection to my Iranian roots. The Persian carpet serves as both a symbolic and literal foundation, representing the cherished traditions that form an integral part of the my identity.
It invites viewers to contemplate the complexities of identity, change, and the delicate dance between embracing new experiences and honoring one's cultural heritage. It is a visual testament to the my commitment to acknowledging the past while navigating the ever-changing landscape of the present—an exploration that resonates across diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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